Ashley and I have been happily married since 2011, and we are extremely proud to be the parents of four fantastic little boys — David, Jacob, Joshua, and Daniel.

My hometown in Southern Idaho has less than 4,000 people, but I have also lived in Texas, Utah, Ohio, and in Spain’s Canary Islands. I am currently in the DC area. I enjoy nature and the outdoors, history and architecture, woodworking, reading, and playing piano and guitar.

Ashley has a bachelor’s degree in Design, and has worked at a design firm in California and also with her own business in Utah. A career change in 2009 led to a Master’s in Education and the Utah Senate Education Committee. She loves her family and her community, and greatly enjoys overseeing the education of her sons.

David (7 1/2) Loves to read, climb trees, and play legos. He has been playing the violin and learning Chinese since age 2.

Jacob (6) Taught himself to ride a bicycle at age 3. He loves violin, sports, and camping. Jacob is also learning Chinese.

Joshua (4) Was our earliest talker and our latest walker. He loves to make people laugh, and pandas. Joshua recently joined his brothers in Chinese school and violin lessons.

Daniel (2) is the baby, and is so loved by his older brothers!